Jun. 15th, 2017

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Title: An Unkind Breach
Recipient: [personal profile] muirgen258
Author: [personal profile] yeomanrand and [personal profile] shinychimera
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Characters/Pairings: John/Mary, John/Sherlock, John/Sherlock/Mary
Rating: PG-13 for themes and swearing
Warnings: Angst, drug use, threat with a gun

Summary: The events in the train car (The Empty Hearse, 3x01) broke the last remnants of John's ability to trust Sherlock; he couldn't bear to work together anymore — not when he had Mary, who would never lie to him. Sherlock, convinced that John's forgiveness and friendship were unattainable, did not attend the wedding, and retreated into 221B with only the Work and old vices for company, leaving John to the wife he deserved.

A remixed mashup of His Last Vow (3x03) and The Lying Detective (4x02), in which everyone's secrets and lies and unhappiness and anger are forced into a high-stakes confrontation.

Also on AO3: An Unkind Breach

Mary Watson felt her husband John jerk awake, the motion hard enough to shake their shared bed and draw his hand from beneath hers. )
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Title: Thundersprite
Recipient:[personal profile] dryadinthegrove
Author: [personal profile] zaffrefic
Verse: BBC Sherlock
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Waston
Rating: Mature
Warnings: none
Summary: Sometimes, lightning does strike twice.
A/N: A million zillion thanks to PipMer for the quick beta on this!

Thundersprite )
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Title: The Question
Recipient: [personal profile] graycardinal
Author: [personal profile] trobadora
Verse: Sherlock Holmes - ACD
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty (with appearances by Lestrade, Watson, and Moran)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary: Of all the unanswered questions I had collected over the course of my career, none weighed upon me as much as that posed by the inexplicable inaction of Professor Moriarty.
A/N: Many thanks to C and M for all their help!

Also at AO3: "The Question"

The Question )

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