Apr. 17th, 2017

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The sign-ups are now officially open!

If you want to take part in the exchange, all you have to do is join the Dreamwidth community and create a new post using the template below with your offer and request.

If you do not have or want a Dreamwidth account, you can use your LJ OpenID to leave a comment on this post.

(ETA: You may also leave an anonymous comment on this post! Please make sure that you fill in all the identifying info in the template itself, so we know who signed up!)

Like last round, we will have an AO3 collection open for immediate, anonymous crossposting, and can include a link to your AO3 work in the original post.

The sign-up template below includes ratings for what you're willing to create and would like to receive. Sexual content is deliberately separated from violence and other mature themes, so if you are someone who enjoys PWP but not violence, you have an easy way of indicating that (or vice versa) for other Holmestice participants.

The template also includes a list of suggested Holmesian fandoms and iterations. This is not an exhaustive list! If you have another fandom in mind, please include it in your sign up! Alternatively, if you're open to any Holmesian fandom, please feel free to say so!

Sign-up Template )

You can edit your post until sign-ups close on May 1. Anything you add or delete after that will not be taken into account.

All stories must be a minimum of 1,000 words in length; icon posts must contain at least 10 icons; vids must be at least one minute in length. Any type of fanwork is required to go through some kind of beta process. All finished fanworks must be sent to the mods at holmesticemods(at)gmail(dot)com on or before June 3rd. If you haven't submitted your work by then and have not contacted us for an extension, we will automatically look for a pinch hitter.

Please remember that if you sign up to receive a gift, it'll only be fair if you create one as well. That said, if you have to drop out of the exchange for any reason, please e-mail contact one of the moderators as soon as possible or e-mail us at holmesticemods(at)gmail(dot)com so we can find a pinch hitter to create a gift for your intended recipient. If you need your recipient to clarify their prompt or ask if they're all right with that one particular thing you'd like to work in, please contact us, and we'll forward the question to preserve your anonymity.

Since this is our first time hosting the exchange at Dreamwidth, there may be some bumps along the way as we learn to work with the new platform. Please have patience with us, and send us an email at holmesticemods at gmail if you run into problems somewhere.

Most importantly, have fun!

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