Apr. 13th, 2017

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Thanks for all the input from the community! There were a variety of opinions, but it looks like most people are comfortable moving the exchange to Dreamwidth. We'll move there for the summer round, and will let people cross-post to AO3 as they wish (as we've done in the past). Summer 2017 will work identically to our past few rounds, with the exception of being held on DW instead of LJ.

Based on comments, we've rewritten the proposed schedule to allow more time to create your fanworks:

17 April - Sign-ups open
1 May - Sign-ups close
6 May - Assignments sent
3 Jun - Assignments due
10 Jun - Posting begins
20 Jun - Posting ends
27 Jun - Reveals posted

Please note: because our window for posting works is so compressed this round, we will not allow second extensions. If you cannot meet an extension, we will send your prompt to a pinch hitter.

During these next months, we will also test some AO3 features behind-the-scenes, so we have a better idea of how an AO3-based exchange might work by the time we get to the winter round.

Lastly, we're still working out the details of closing down the LJ side of the comm. If you have further comments or concerns about that, please continue adding them to the previous post. (LJ; DW)

Again, thank you all for your comments, and we're looking forward to a great summer round!

(x-posted to LJ)

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