Apr. 6th, 2017

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A couple orders of business before we start our summer round!

First, given the new LiveJournal Terms of Service, we are questioning the long-term sustainability of hosting Holmestice at LiveJournal. The new TOS seems to be explicitly anti-smut and implicitly anti-LGBTQ+; furthermore, we have questions about whether the new TOS protects author and artist copyrights of material posted on LJ. Since it seems within possibility that LiveJournal might pull the plug on Holmestice at any time under the new Terms of Service (a la Strikethrough and Boldthrough in 2007), we've taken the liberty of backing up the entire community, entries and comments all, at Dreamwidth.

You can find the mirror at holmestice.dreamwidth.org. Your entries and comments are still under your own control, via an "OpenID" account associated with your LiveJournal username. From the Dreamwidth FAQ:

For as long as you have control of your LiveJournal account, you have full control of your Dreamwidth OpenID account. We know many people are deleting their LJs right now: if you merge your OpenID account into a new or existing Dreamwidth account, then you can continue to control all your posts and comments even after deleting your LJ account. (If you delete before merging, however, your OpenID account will be essentially orphaned.)

Second, there's the question of where/how to host this next round of Holmestice. As we see it, there are three options for this round, with a fourth possibility for future rounds:

  1. Continue on at LiveJournal, no changes.
  2. Officially move to Dreamwidth, then continue there without further changes. People may use DW or LJ (via OpenID) accounts to participate. People currently commenting with Google accounts will need to login via another service.
  3. Hybridized LJ(or DW)/AO3, with all works posted at AO3 (and only at AO3). Sign-ups and matching will continue to be done here, the same as usual. Everyone will need an AO3 account for posting.
  4. Fully AO3, with LJ or DW being used only to answer questions, announce dates, etc. Nominations, tagsets, automated matching, etc., will all happen on AO3. Everyone will need an AO3 account. (Unfortunately, we can't do that for this round, because it requires more lead time than we have.)

We-the-mods are leaning away from the first option and toward the second, but we want your input!

Third, we're so sorry, but we got caught off-guard by the TOS change, and so we're abruptly a week or two behind where we had meant to be this week! (We had meant to be making an announcement that sign-ups will be opening soon, not having a conversation about how/where this round will be happening.)

Consequently, we're proposing making this a flash round, with a somewhat shortened schedule:

25 Apr - Sign-ups open
2 May - Sign-ups close
9 May - All assignments sent out
30 May - Fanworks due
6 Jun - Posting begins
16 Jun - Posting ends

We're thinking of keeping the same 1K and associated minimums -- we've seen how productive you all can be over four weeks! -- but would ask that people keep their requests and prompts a little simpler this go, to make it easier on creators. If you have strenuous objections to this shortened schedule, please let us know!

Lastly, we know that some people are twitchy about logging into LJ right now, so… anonymous commenting is on for LJ, but please identify yourself. Also, we're cross-posting this at both LJ and DW, so please keep an eye on both discussions, and use this as an opportunity to test out how those open IDs work if you've never used Dreamwidth!

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