Jun. 21st, 2017

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Thank you so much for another successful round of Holmestice! The mods want to say THANK YOU to all the creators that joined us for this round. You put in a lot of hard work and made some really great fanworks. If you'd like to post to AO3, you may do so at your leisure. If you'd like an AO3 link on your DW entry, just send us an email and we'll add one.

Reveals and the Master List go up on June 27th; until then, please enjoy reading and commenting on all the lovely fanworks. Creators, please do NOT respond to comments (except on AO3, which maintains anonymity) or post your fanwork elsewhere on the Internet until reveals go up in the community.

We'll also publish treats right through until reveals: if there's a prompt out there that intrigues you and you want to whip something up for it, please do! Just send it to holmestice@gmail.com, using the regular submission guidelines.

If you'd like to guess at who created what in this round, a list of all the participants is below the cut. Go ahead and take a guess! It's all in good fun.

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Go forth and leave love for your fellow Holmestice authors, artists, and podficcers. See you again on the 27th, when we reveal who made what!

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