May. 2nd, 2017

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Name: Colebaltblue
Contact email:

I will create:
A fanwork of the following type(s): fic
In one or more of the following parts of fandom: Books: Doyle - Canon; Bert Coules radio dramatizations.
For one or more of the following relationships: Anyone with Anyone
I like working with one or more of the following categories: Most things
With any of the following ratings: all of them
I am willing to create for the following squicks and/or kinks: not saying I'll write it, but you can ask for it and I'll consider it.

I want to receive:
A fanwork of the following type(s): art, fic, vids, graphics, podfic
In one or more of the following parts of fandom: Books: Canon; Mary Russell Series; TV/Film:Granada TV Show; Ritchie Films; Sherlock BBC; Elementary; Bert Coules radio dramatizations. Please feel free to create crossovers and fusions with any of the 'verses or with just about any other media crossover as long as I can enjoy the end product without necessarily being a fan of the other.
For one or more of the following relationships: Holmes/Watson is always my favorite. I'll happily take Holmes or Watson paired with anyone except Mycroft as long as it's not done to specifically pain the other one (i.e. Watson/Mary where Holmes is genuinely happy for them even if he's pissed she stole his roommate).
I like stuff in the following categories: Fluff; Angst; Post-Reichenbach; Alternate Universe; Romance; Hurt/Comfort; Established Relationship; Crossover; Friendship; Humor; Case Fic; First Time; Friendship; Drug Addiction; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence;
With any of the following ratings: 1) suitable for general audiences; 2) non-explicit sexual content; 3) explicit sexual content; 4) mild to moderate violence or depictions of non-sexual mature themes; 5) moderate to explicit graphic violence or depictions of non-sexual mature themes
I wouldn’t mind any of the following squicks and/or kinks: If it furthers the plot, even if its a dark fic and it's some pretty heavy stuff, go for it. I'll enjoy anything as long as it's cohesive to the storytelling.

Please include further details about what you’d like to receive: I haven't provided a lot of guidance, have I? In my mind, Holmes is one of the most genuine and caring men you'll ever meet, kind and generous, but very much not into people knowing that about him. He gets embarrassed, you see, so don't you dare tell anyone. He self-medicates with drugs and understands he's addicted, but doesn't know what else to do about it. He loves Watson with all his heart - romantic or platonic. My favorite depiction of Holmes is Johnny Lee Miller in Elementary (I haven't seen the current season). In my mind, Watson was a broken man when he found Holmes and Holmes saved him more than he saved Holmes. He is a much more on the surface person, what you see is what you get, to the point where Watson is surprised by the depth of his own feelings and emotions at times. He views the world rather simply, but do not mistake him for being a simple man. My favorite depiction of Watson is Jude Law's in the Richie films, although Lucy Liu's Watson is a very close second - Law's wins because I like his sense of humor more. I might be more obsessed with Coules's radio plays than actual canon.

Special requests:
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Just a note to let everyone know that the signups are now closed.

If you're interested in what happens next; check out our two "Behind the Scenes" posts we did awhile ago!

Matches will go out at the end of this week.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the mod email. (holmesticemods at gmail)

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