Jun. 10th, 2017

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Title: A Good Memory and a Tender Heart
Author: [personal profile] swissmarg
Beta reader: [personal profile] smallhobbit
Recipient: [personal profile] fridaythegowerstreetcat
Fandom: ACD canon
Word count: 7185
Rating: Mature
Relationship: Holmes/Watson, Watson/Morstan, Watson/OFC
Summary: How cruel is life to those who are blessed with a good memory and a tender heart. -- Shakieb Orgunwall
Notes: Dear recipient, your request was pretty open aside from a few general categories, so I'm not at all sure if this is what you had in mind but I hope you at least find it diverting.

Also on AO3: "A Good Memory and a Tender Heart"

A Good Memory and a Tender Heart )
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Title: Knit One, Purl Two
Recipient: [personal profile] marta_bee
Author: [personal profile] meredydd_writes
Verse: BBC
Characters/Pairings: Molly Hooper/Lestrade
Rating: T (teen and up… some cursing, mentions of a few cadavers, spoilers for all series of BBC-lock)
Warnings: Mentions of death, cadavers, and there’s several instances of curse words if that is something that bugs you.
Summary: Inspired by the The Red Headed League original Holmes story, this is set in the Beeblock verse, and has a bit of a twist on the original. Molly Hooper is struggling to make ends meet, so she takes a well paying, albeit very part time job on her days off. Too bad it seems to be a scam. With Sherlock out of town, she turns to DI Lestrade for help figuring out just what the Hell is going on.

Knit One, Purl Two )
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Title: Things They Don't Talk About
Recipient: [personal profile] monkiainen
Author: [personal profile] phoenixfalls
Verse: Elementary
Characters/Pairings: Thomas Gregson/Sherlock Holmes, background Irene Adler|Jamie Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes
Rating: R/Mature
Tags: Angst, Soulmarks
Warnings: Light BDSM
Tommy's hands on Sherlock's shoulders; Sherlock's inability to say "I'm sorry." Tattoos, involuntarily acquired, hidden away. Their silences speak volumes. (Set during season one.)

Also on AO3: "Things They Don't Talk About"

Things They Don't Talk About )

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